Goodwill - NNE Good Tech Technician II in Gorham, Maine


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Goodwill Northern New England is an influential social enterprise that creates jobs, delivers needed services for people with diverse challenges, and uses environmentally friendly products and processes — all while earning revenue to pay for and expand innovative workforce services in Maine, New Hampshire and northern Vermont. We operate retail stores, employment services, neuro rehabilitation centers, residences for people needing 24/7 support and cleaning/property services.

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Hourly Wage Range: $11.07-$13.84

Job Summary:

Performs all daily tasks in the GoodTech Department and in the retail store, as assigned, to ensure prompt testing, processing and shipping of goods and a superior shopping experience that falls in line with a highest level of quality customer service.

Represents the Agency in all interactions with other members of the Goodwill community and with the general public, supporting the agency Vision of creating sustainable communities that thrive through the fullest participation of their diverse residents.

Furthers the organizational commitment to triple bottom line results: integrating, social, economic and environmental goals into thinking, planning and actions.

Leadership Level: Individual Contributor (IC)

Leadership Level Competencies:

  1. (IC) Team Building - Participates in team processes and activities; is a team player.

  2. (IC) Customer Orientation - Establishes and maintains a customer focus.

  3. (IC) Flexibility - Copes effectively with job pressures and stress.

  4. (IC) Self-Direction - Seeks and makes use of feedback from others; able to accept criticism. Takes responsibility for self and actions.

  5. (IC) Interpersonal Sensitivity - Maintains a positive attitude. Demonstrates sincere concern and caring for all people.

  6. (IC) Interpersonal skills - Considers and responds appropriately to the needs, feelings, and capabilities of others.

  7. (IC) Oral Communication - Listens to others and shows understanding of what they are saying.

  8. (IC) Technological Proficiency - Maintains expected proficiency in technologies as it applies to the position.

Essential Functions:


  1. Communicates with manager and entire support team in order to understand daily tasks and expectations.

  2. Provides high quality customer service by answering questions regarding active online listings d by helping customers to locate, merchandise, answering questions, etc.

  3. Works with supervisors to ensure individual goals are net on a consistent basis.

  4. Handling customer returns and complaints in a polite and courteous manner.


  1. Complies with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations as well as Agency policies. Administration: Performs all tasks as stated in the Good Tech Technician I Job Description as well as, but not limited to, the following on a rotating basis;

1) Demanufactures computers without supervision and mentors others doing the same work

2) Tests devices including but not limited to phones, tablets, game consoles and cameras

3) Prepares electronic items for resale either online or in a retail setting

4) Sanitizes devices purging any personal information

5) Cashiering

To be considered for this position please complete the online application.

  • Ability to identify, test and replace computer components - Basic computer skills - Basic mathematical skills - Ability to use a digital camera and download pictures - Demonstrated ability to work as a member of a team - Criminal background check that meets agency standards - Demonstrated Interpersonal and Communications skills - Pass a Post Offer Physical

Requisition Number: 17-1014

Title: Good Tech Technician II

City: Gorham

State: ME

Post Date: 3/14/2018

Employment Type: Regular Full Time